I WIN ^^

Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:10 am
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I win. :D

that is all.
With five minutes left to midnight on November 23, I have once again kicked NaNoWriMo's butt. I am awesome. and so modest, too!

That's not to say that the novel's finished yet. That's why I wanted to hit 50k early, so that I can have some extra time for writing out the last few scenes I have planned out, and getting a head start on editing, because otherwise I never will. True story. I still haven't edited my novel from last year.

I have notes jotted down for additional scenes I want to add (it wasn't written 100% chronologically this time), and I know what I'm doing for the final scene already, which is refreshing. Because last year this time I was sitting there going "O_o what next?"

But- that is all for tomorrow. Tonight? I am binging on chocolate and dancing around the house, and that is that.
Night y'all.

PS. Yes, the shouting and caps and flailiness will be gone tomorrow when I look at my novel and inevitably flail again, (this time in the unhappy way) and go "ZOMG, THERE'S STILL SO MUCH TO DO." However, that is tomorrow. :P

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