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So, the title of my novel this year is "Mercy's Friends", and yes, that's a working title, it's already been changed a couple of times. Loosely based on the story of a six year old schizophrenic living in Los Angeles, California. I emphasize loosely based because only the concept is similar in that the main character, a little girl named Mercy, is indeed schizophrenic. So far, the writing is going alright, I've hit a few snags with regard to the plotting end of it, because there's really no way to come up with a resolution for a schizophrenic, especially when it's presenting in somebody so young.

The biggest issue I've had, or issues, really, is that I'm on a ten day work trip in Chicago, Illinois, working twelve to thirteen hours a day with a few breaks interspersed in between. It's been a real struggle to get up the energy and the nerve to get any serious writing done by the time I get back to my hotel room at night. Still though, I've been cranking up the tunes and plunking out my roughly seventeen hundred words every evening, like clockwork. Last night I managed almost 3400, and felt ridiculously accomplished.

Oftentimes, things that are currently in the news find their way into my writing, and this novel will be no exception. Checking my news feed this morning, I found this article on career women, and having families, and I think I might even be able to fit it in somewhere in my novel. Yes, I really do love doing shoutouts. :)

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