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It's been several weeks since I've done any serious work on my novel, I did about fifteen hours worth during March for NaNoEdMo, and honestly that's a big accomplishment for me considering that my first novel is still languishing on my hard drive, now almost three years later. Lately especially I've really been missing the little world I've found for Mercy and her family, and having acquired a lot more information on the subject of her illness, I feel like I'm ready to get going again. My story isn't perfect and maybe it never will be- I'm alright with that. It's a story that needed to be told, and in the end it isn't mine or anyone else's so much as it is its own.

Somewhere along the way it's taught me that doing your personal best is not necessarily the same as perfection. Nothing's perfect in this life, but it's that we try our hardest that counts and armed with that knowledge I've been de-stressing my life quite a bit these last few months.

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