Nov. 15th, 2009

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Today I didn't like a lot of what I wrote. I repeated 'just keep writing' so many times I'll probably be saying it in my sleep tonight, but eventually I got all of the random words that had been simmering in my head all day out, and once that happened I started getting somewhere. I got an interesting perspective from Mercy's point of view as to what it's like when she's having one of her episodes, and lo and behold, there was something usable out of all that rambling after all. It's hard for me to get things from her perspective right, seeing as I don't do children's thinking well. People told me I was an old soul when I was a kid, and my mental age regressed as I got older. Sad but true.
So... we're working on that. Mercy and I have a few creative differences, but I'm finding that since it's her story, then my ideas don't matter much. She has a story and she's going to tell it her way, and as long as I don't get in the way of that things work remarkably well.

If I'm allowed a completely selfish bit of ranting, I had a bad day. So hmph. I'd very much like to go to sleep now, I think.

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